About Electronic Cigarettes

The Things You Should Know About An E-Cig

An e-cig is really nothing more than a device that looks and feels like a cigarette, and you use it like you would use an ordinary tobacco cigarette. In this article, we will tell you more about electronic cigarette and how they might protect your health without sacrificing your fun.

Electronic cigarettes were first produced in China and were exported to different countries in the world to help tobacco cigarette smokers quit their habit, although it really feels like they’re just replacing one crutch with another crutch. How do electronic cigarettes work? In order to understand how they work, we must first understand their different parts.

All e-cigs are composed of a liquid nicotine cartridge, a vaporizer and a battery. When you puff on it like you would puff a regular tobacco cigarette, the vaporizer takes some of liquid from the cartridges and turns it into vapor that you can smoke. Of course, the battery is what make the vaporizer work.

Although a large percentage of smokers still have to discover the pleasures of smoking e-cigs, more and more people are actually seeking them out for several reasons. For one thing, they cost less to smoke when you do the math.

The average smoker actually spends $200 per month on tobacco cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, however, it is possible to just spend $60 to $70 per month on nicotine. Of course, this isn’t to say that e-cigarettes cost cheap in the beginning. If you’re going to replace your tobacco habit with an electronic one, you will need to buy a starter pack that’s composed of the electronic cigarette itself, a battery charger pack and some cartridges.

The really good starter packs cost anywhere from between $100 to $200, although packs in the $60 to $80 range aren’t that bad. Your savings will come when you will start ordering only the cartridges.

But aside from the price, more and more smokers are trying out e-cigs because they pose a lesser risk to your health. They’re not by any means healthy but considering that they don’t contain any tar, they are definitely a better option. Be careful though because there are cartridges that have a higher level of nicotine than tobacco smokes. If you’re going to choose the so-called less bad habit, you should make sure your e-cigs contains less nicotine or no nicotine at all. Scientists still do not know what are the risks of smoking liquid nicotine, so it’s really better to be on the safe side of things and lessen or eliminate nicotine from your life.

Before buying electronic cigarettes, make sure you check out different brands. As with anything else, not all brands are created alike, and there are others that are definitely better than others. That said, before you buy, take the time to check out which brands are popular with the smokers. Because there are many paid reviews out there, it is better to check out forums and join in the discussion.